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Who for Whom

Every project lives through the people who are involved. In this case that means the children, who are the central concern, and their teachers and supporters of every kind, Nepalese as well as European.

The children

There are currently 19 children living at the school. They come from Jharkot and villages near and far, many of them even from Upper Mustang, which is two days away on foot. Some come from Manang, which lies a day away from the boarding school on horseback. They all come from families, who would be unable to send their children to a good school, were it not for the free facility at the Medical Center.

Dolma Tsering

Born 2008 in Jharkot,
2 siblings, a day pupil at first, before joining the boarding school in 2013.

Dolma Tsering, also known as Nani Dolma (little Dolma), is one of the big kids now . Her favourite subject is Tibetan. The keen dancer explains why here >>

Tashi means "luck" in Tibetan and that suits sunny Tashi Dolma. When necessary she can really knuckle down and assert herself. Tashi Dolma

from Tangya. Born 2006,
3 siblings,
Came to us in 2013.
Tsering Yangdon

from Phaylak, east of Kali Gandaki. 
Born 2006, 2 siblings, came to us in 2013.
Tsering Yangdon
is industrious and ambitious - and a real joker: she always finds something to laugh about!
Norbu Tsering, brother of Tsering Mentok, was the spoiled baby of the family for a long time. He's grown up a lot now. He shows off his English
here >>
Norbu Tsering

from Sandhak in Upper Mustang. Born 2007, 2 siblings. He came to us in 2015.
Pema Tsering Pema Tsering

from Manang, beyond Thorung La pass.
Born 2004, 1 twin brother, joined our school in 2015
Pema Tsering is always up to tricks - and is an affectionate brother to the little ones. He is technically talented and reveals his career ambition here >>
Pema Tsering
Pasang Choedon

comes from Gyaghar in Upper Mustang.
Born 2006,
4 siblings, joined the school in 2012.
Pasang Choedon is the April weather of the group: when she's happy, the sun shines - her gloomier moods are heavy storms ...
Cheerful Tenzin Tsewang loves anything Tibetan, including Momos (and they're rare, because they're a lot of work) and... maths!
Here >> she speaks for herself.
Tenzin Tsewang

comes from Phaylak, on the other side of Kali Gandaki.
Born 2006, 1 sister, joined us in 2014.
Tsering Wangmo

from Sandhak in Upper Mustang, joined us in 2014. Born 2006, 2 siblings
Tsering Wangmo, older sister of Norbu Tsering, is outspoken, energetic and sporty. She doesn't like English at all ...
Sonam Dhendup

comes from Tangya in Upper Mustang, likely born 2008, 3 siblings. With us since 2017.
Brother of little Tenzin Tarching. Enjoys playing chess, wants to be an engineer - but doesn't like maths much. He sees it as a problem too.
Tsering Mentok is afraid of dogs, is helpful and just as independent as her brother Lhakpa Tsering, who has already left us. Ideal career: policewoman! Tsering Mentok

comes from Sandhak in Upper Mustang - a long way! Born 2005, 3 siblings. With us since 2014.
Dolma Tsering

born 2010 in Jharkot, with us since 2016, 1 brother
Very clever sweet girl, unbeatable in games of Memory and linguistically talented. She talks about her school and family here >>
Friendly, gentle Sonia likes to dance and is often keen to interact with the volunteers. She has to work quite hard for school. Sonia Bika

comes from Purang, has 2 brothers, her father is r Vater ist a blacksmith. Born 2009, with us since 2017.
Pema Dolkar

born 2006, came to us from Dolpa in 2017, has 2 siblings.
Pema Dolkar wasn't able to start studying until she was 11, as she had to work on her parents' farm. She's working diligently and energetically to catch up.
Tashi Pasang, cousin of Tsering Yangdon, is an uncomplicated friendly little boy. He loves badminton and is bosom buddies with Norbu Tsering.

Tashi Pasang

born 2012, comes from Phaylak, 1 brother. Came to us in 2018.

Dolma Gurung

born 2004, comes from Manang, beyond the Thorung La pass. She has 3 siblings and joined us in 2014.
Dolma Gurung can be chaotic at times, or play the clown. She knows what she wants to be one day though: a teacher. Perhaps at our school...
Our little one Tenzin Tarchin is collected by jeep from the kindergarten in Kingar every morning. He already knows how to get the better of most people. Tenzin Tarching

born 2012 in Tangya, Upper Mustang, 3 siblings. Brother of Sonam Dhendup. Came to us in 2018.
Tsering Yumi

born 2012, comes from Phaylak. with us since 2018.
Tsering Yumi is a delicate child, a little elf, who can be fun and high-spirited at times too.
Shanti is a half-orphan and a real whirlwind; she is competitive and has been known to rip up a test paper when she didn't meet her own aspirations ...
Shanti Tamang

comes from far away: Trisuli in the Dhading district. Born 2009, 2 siblings. Joined us in 2018.
Pasang Mentok

from Kagbeni at the end of our valley. Born 2011, 1 brother, at the school since 2018
Pasang Mentok has a real talent for languages: while still in the kindergarten class, she introduces herself without hesitation
in English >>

...and because it's fun to look at the photos that we replaced with newer ones, here is the Student Archive >>

People in charge
mohan gurung Tsering Dolkar, project manager, also teaches Tibetan. Lives full-time with the children at the centre. She organizes the overall running of and attends to the daily issues of the project, is the motherly contact person for the children and by leading the daily morning and evening pujas she is also responsible for their traditional religious education. mohan gurung
Tsering Dolkar's family is from Tibet. Like so many others, after the Chinese occupation of their native country her parents fled to Nepal, where Tsering Dolkar was born in a refugee camp.
mohan gurung Mohan Gurung is secretary of the SJTMCS project committee at Jharkot. Being a very competent networker and skilled in languages, he coordinates the relationship between th project and villagers. He is an invaluable counsllor on all project matters and organizes the further education of children who leave the project, in accordance with Schule macht Schule. mohan gurung
His wife and children live near Pokhara, he only sees them in the holidays. Mohan's family is from Jharkot, but he grew up in India. When he was 21 years old and visited the village of his ancestors for the first time, Tsewang Norbu, the project manager at the time, offered him employment as part-time English teacher – and Mohan stayed. Although he doesn't teach any more, he is still deeply dedicated to the project.
Rishikant Rishikant has been working as the school's cook since 2009. He is from the Terai, the tropical lowland of Nepal. When we first arrived in Jharkot he was new as well and quite guarded. In the meantime he has developed an affectionate relationship with the children who add lots of chilli to his already quite spicy dishes... Rishikant
Former students

Children who have "outgrown" our school have the opportunity to receive further education, or job training according to their talents and interests.

Our project team looks for the right solution for each child and keeps in regular contact with them. You can see how everyone is getting on in the
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