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The children are accustomed to all the photography and filming now, but they still excitedly crowd around new videos - and love seeing footage of their younger selves ...
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nix Red > Green > Go!
Playing games is always fun – and you don't even realise that you're practising your language skills pretty diligently at the same time!

nixSilent Night 2010–2018
Christmas far from home ... we certainly didn't count on hearing Silent Night. And then ... we discovered that our volunteer Vicky had taught the children the song!
That was 2010.
Most of the children who are singing for us in this video are now in further education, or vocational training.
nixFind our more about these kids in the Children's Archive >>

nix Kids Talk 1/7: Dolma Tsering
Dolma Tsering was always a bright little kid and isn't shy about approaching English-speaking visitors.
Moritz Bernauer recorded the "Kids Talk" series during English lessons in October 2018.

nix without a shower
There's no shower at the winter school ... but there is a river! Once a week both children and clothes are washed there instead. A different kind of luxury.

nix Kids Talk 2/7 Norbu Tsering
For a long time Norbu Tsering was the baby of the boarding school, spoiled by everyone. He's grown up a good deal now.
Moritz Bernauer recorded the "Kids Talk" series during English lessons in October 2018.

nix Letters
The rooftop terrace of the "winter school" in Pokhara is abuzz: letters from Austria have arrived! The children of the project school in Jharkot have been corresponding with students at the Musisches Gymnasium in Salzburg for years.

nix ping pong
Fun in the courtyard of the winter school. Even if you're small: you just have to know how to help yourself ...

nix Kids Talk 3/7: Pasang Mentok
Pasang Mentok only came to us in the summer, joining the kindergarten class. It's amazing how much English she already has in her head.
Moritz Bernauer recorded the "Kids Talk" series during English lessons in October .

nix Kids Talk 4/7: Tenzin Tsewang
Tenzin Tsewang is a particularly cheerful child. Like may others she starting her schooling late - and is getting on very easily now.
Moritz Bernauer recorded the "Kids Talk" series during English lessons in October .

nix Monsoon
The monsoon has grown much stronger in the project's region. The clay roofs at the boarding school and village school leak every summer. Repairs are made here and there with a new layer of clay. What was once the exception has now been the rule for about 15 years.
But there's clearly no climate change, right, Mr. Trump?

nix Manakamana
A trip to the temple of the wish-fulfilling Manakamana near Kristi, Pokhara. What wishes were made?

nix Kids Talk 5/7: Pema Tsering
Pema Tsering comes from Manang – a day's horseback ride away from the school. Just one reason why he wasn't able to join the school until he was 10 years old.
Moritz Bernauer recorded the "Kids Talk" series during English lessons in October .

nix counting
One-two-three... Carina and Rita took educational material with them.
Schule macht Schule delegates work with the children at the Medical Centre School Jharkot and the local village school all through the year.

nix Kids Talk 6/7: Dolma Tsering
Dolma Tsering, in the junior class, is 8 years old by our counting, not nine as she says. In Mustang though, children are "one" at birth.
Moritz Bernauer recorded the "Kids Talk" series during English lessons in October.

nix Little Ngodup
Ngodup is the young son of our project councelor, Mohan. He suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). This is a genetic, currently incurable disease in which the formation of new muscle tissue does not work. We support little Ngodup and his family as much as possible. His parents allowed us to share this video.

nix If you're happy
A playful English lesson – keep your eye on the child in the red hat!

nix Kids Talk 7/7: Karma Choesang
Karma Choesang spent six years with us at the boarding school. He has now finished the first stage of his training as an Amchi and has gained three months' experience as an apprentice with Amchi Tenzin Rigdol in Jharkot.
Karma was in Jharkot, when Moritz recorded the "Kids Talk" series in October 2018 and sent his greetings to Salzburg ...

nixSonam, Lhamo & Co / 4 mins English
An insight into life in the village and children at the boarding school, recorded in 2010. There have been a number of changes since - there's a road, there are mobile phones. What remains is the lively atmosphere. And the living conditions are still very humble.

nixSonam, Lhamo & Co / 7.5 mins German
We've added additional footage to this version of the video from the 2010, for those who have a little more time ...
The children from back then have grown up and moved on now and are now in further education, or out in the world, standing on their own two feet. nixFind out more in the Children's Archive >>
Sonam, Lhamo & Co
(7.5 mins, German)
Life in the village and at the boarding school
(4 mins, englisch)
Life in the village and at the boarding school
How climate change makes itself known
without a shower
Life without a shower
Little Ngodup
Our project councelor's son suffers from muscular dystrophy
Letter from penfriends in Austria
ping pong
Free time at the winter school
Visting a temple on a day out
If you're happy
Learning 1:
Learning 2:
Paying and counting
Red > Green > Go!
Learning 3:
Silent Night 2010-2018
A surprise on our first Christmas visit

Kids Talk

1/7 Dolma Tsering
Class 5
2/7 Norbu Tsering
Class 1
3/7 Pasang Mentok
Class 3
4/7 Tenzin Tsewang
5/7 Pema Tsering
Class 4
6/7 Dolma Tsering
Class 2
7/7 Karma Choesang
Former pupil
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