How can I help?

What you can do
and how your money is spent

There are a number of ways in which you can contribute to the ongoing success of the project:

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Helping with campaigns

If you can envisage being able to help with our campaigns on an ad hoc basis, please send us an email so that we can add you to our database of helpers:

We will send you a brief questionnaire in order to establish where your cooperation could be of most help (for example in material provisions, cooking, links to the authorities, manning sales stalls ...) and will then contact you as needed.

Once a year, during the winter school at Pokhara, the children visit the dentist - here they are sitting in the waiting room. The treatments are covered by the project's health budget.

Take action

If you are supporting the Nepal project with fundraising of your own, we would love to report on it here.

Something very special: brand new sweaters!

Each child was given their own box for personal items

Individual donations

Every Euro helps!
The same amount we spend in a single visit to a coffee house in Salzburg could offer substantial support in Nepal (numbers as of 2017):

Biology lessons with Amchi Sang Kna

A laundress is employed for the young kids
7 Euros - a good new pair of shoes for a child
20 Euros - two weeks' wages for the laundress, who cleans clothes and bedlinen for the younger children.
50 Euros -