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First-hand experiences

Even the best television documentary can't come close to one's own experiences - that's what everyone reporting here found out. Perhaps these stories and photos will encourage you to support the project, or to let yourself in for a similar experience ...
September and October 2010
Johanna Schlager, graduated from the Musisches in June 2010

One morning

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Klaffinger/Pichlmüller Summer 2010
Christina Klaffinger and Wolf Pichlmüller, art teachers at the Musisches, spend another 5 weeks in Jharkot

Reunion after two years

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Klaffinger/Pichlmüller Mid-September to Christmas 2008
Christina Klaffinger and Wolf Pichlmüller
Art teachers at the Musisches

Three months with the Jharkot children

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Raphaela Mid-August to Mid-October 2008
Raphaela Grannemann
School graduate from Bönnigheim bei Stuttgart

After my first night in Jharkot...

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Elias October and November 2006
Elias Tschernutter
Graduate from Musisches Gymnasium

Hello friends...

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